Introducing TA East

TA East is a counselling and psychotherapy training Institute. It has grown out of a counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and consultancy practice established in East London for over twenty years. TA East aims to offer an in-depth training in Transactional Analysis, leading to recognised qualifications in counselling and/or psychotherapy. The training will be delivered in the spirit of TA philosophy, that all people are ok, everyone has the capacity to reach their full potential and all people can change. 

Taster Sessions and themed talks

TA East regularly offers taster sessions and themed talks in Wanstead, Stratford, Leytonstone and Walthamstow. Providing insight into the counselling and psychotherapy profession, using Transactional Analysis, both as a client and practitioner. 



Training facilitated by qualified and experienced psychotherapists and educationalists.

All trainers and facilitators are UKCP registered psychotherapists and are Certified Transactional Analyst's, who are also Certified to teach TA (PTSTA and TSTA status) by the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

Introduction to Transactional Analysis -101

The 101 introduction to Transactional Analysis is a two-day workshop in the basic concepts and theory of transactional analysis. It is a prerequisite to undertaking training in Transactional Analysis counselling and psychotherapy. It may also be used as self development, continued professional development for counsellors and psychotherapists and in the fields of education, organisation, coaching and consultancy. 


Counselling and Psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis

A part time three or four year training, leading to qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy. TA East is in the process of becoming a RTE, a Registered Training Establishment with UKATA. 

Applications open for Autumn foundation year 2019 intake.


Leytonstone Library in East London. Easily accessible on the central line, two stops from Stratford.


Aim to be accessible. Can be paid monthly. 

Tailor made Training

Trainings uniquely designed for organisational and educational settings.

Clinical Supervision and Consultancy

Individual, group and organisational supervision available. 

Social Media

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