Victoria Baskerville TSTA


TA East Founder 

BA (Hons), PGCE, DIP Transactional Analysis, MSc Transactional Analysis, Certified Transactional Analyst, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. 

Victoria has been in psychotherapy practise for over 20 years, working long term relationally with a diversity of clients representing the London community. She has many years experience as a clinical supervisor and consultant in private practise, the NHS and in voluntary and education settings. 

As well as a passion for psychotherapy, Victoria has a a love of teaching, her first career. Beginning in Newham Education Authority, as a teacher,  English as a Second Language Support Worker and Senior Manager.  She has a breadth of experience training and lecturing in higher education and university settings and private TA psychotherapy institutes.

Central to her being, is embodment of the lived reality of Intersectionality and how systemic privilege and oppression is enacted in the counselling and Psychotherapy profession. 
Victoria is interested in the impact of social, political, cultural and historical contexts in the psychotherapy room and how power dynamics manifest in the transferential and real relationship. 

She is a passionate campaigner for education and human rights.

Her current research interest is 'Inclusivity and Exclusivity in Counselling and Psychotherapy training, the trainees experience.' 


Professional Membership



Beverley Ellis PTSTA


MSc Psychotherapy, PTSTA, CTA, Diploma in Supervision. UKCP registered. CQSW. Accredited adoption counsellor.

Beverley Ellis has been practising psychotherapy since the early 1990s. She is interested in helping people find their true self, seeing how the true self has been oppressed and how we perpetuate this by internalised oppression so that our mental and physical health is thwarted. Our needs can be oppressed in so many ways e.g. parenting practices, family dynamics, culture, sexism, racism, heterosexism, religion and the economic systems. Beverley is an ordained Buddhist and has a daily meditation practice. She prefers to be called by her Buddhist name Jayakara (Ji ark ka ra). She has been meditating for over 30 years and integrates aspects of mindfulness and compassion into her practice as a therapist. Jayakara is also part of the leadership group of the Black African and Asian Therapist Network (BAATN). BAATN is a network of therapists, students and trainees of African, Asian, Caribbean and dual heritage descent who support each other to make therapy appropriate and more accessible to their communities. As well as this, BAATN seeks to support more people from these communities to train as therapists. BAATN offers training to all communities and invites allies to be members. Jayakara has a private psychotherapy practice, seeing individuals, couples and supervisees in East London. She trained at Metanoia as a Transactional Analyst psychotherapist. Jayakara has worked in the voluntary sector offering therapy to the unemployed and those with mental health issues. She was previously a probation officer, a forensic social worker and an Approved Mental Health Professional. 

Dianne Shebioba PTSTA

Primary Tutor

Dianne has been practising as a psychotherapist for the last 12 years and runs a small private practice in Kent, where she offers short and long term therapy to individuals, young people and couples. Before re-training to be a psychotherapist, Dianne worked as a regional manager over-seeing the work with disadvantaged HIV sufferers and their families in south Africa where she lived for 7years. She also works as a consultant psychotherapist for an independent fostering organisation in Kent and has experience teaching at the Metanoia Institute. She also delivers training to foster parents and social workers across the UK. Dianne has a particular interest in working with trauma and is one of the primary tutors on the Certificate in Therapeutic Fostering Course, run by By The Bridge fostering organisation.

Professional Registration.


Mica Douglas TSTA

Primary Tutor 

D.Psych., MASW, CQSW, MSc in TA Psychotherapy, CTA(P), TSTA(P)

Mica is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and supervisor and has a particular interest in trauma, attachment, unconscious processes and developing potential in others. She has spoken at a number of national and international conferences about the impact of attachment difficulties and trauma on children in care. She is interested in therapeutic activity that sits on the edge of mainstream life and is currently developing with TA East a supervision course with a focus on intersectionality and social responsibility. After training to be a social worker and then a therapist and supervisor. Mica worked for the NSPCC. She is currently a psychotherapist with an independent fostering organisation. She also qualified as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in addition to her training as a Relational TA therapist working with Adults. Mica has a strong interest in research and has completed a Doctorate in Psychotherapy with Metanoia and Middlesex University.
Conferences: UKATA National Conference, Brighton, 2017 - Workshop on Relational Principles with the IARTA Steering Group International Transactional Analysis Association World Conference, Berlin, 2017 – Workshop on Working Relationally with identity, difference and boundaries with the IARTA Steering Group.

She is a member of the following professional bodies: • Social Work England, Registered Social Worker • UKCP, Registered psychotherapist for adults and children and registered supervisor • International Association for Relational TA, member of Steering Committee.

Samantha Carbon PTSTA

Primary Tutor

PTSTA MSc Transactional Analysis, Certified Transactional Analyst, Diploma in Clinical Supervision, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.

Sam is the founder and Lead therapist of Samantha Carbon Therapy and Baker Street Therapy, - a Central London based practice with a multi-cultural and diverse range of experienced therapists practicing from there. Professionally, Sam specialises in utilising her people skills gained in the corporate and voluntary world to support individuals that have anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours, gender dysphoria, stress, self-esteem issues.
Sam is a trained facilitator for The Emotional Emancipation Circles set up by a group of US black psychologists exploring transgenerational trauma. She works with corporates and individuals raising the awareness on anti-racism. Sam has developed the CARE Method — a four-step process that supports individuals to understand their personal relationship with RACE. Sam believes that Compassion, Accountability, Resistance, and Empathy (C.A.R.E.) are the building blocks of an Anti-Racist belief system. As someone who has both participated in systemic racism and has been the recipient of racism, she is able to engage with clients and groups authentically. She believes we all have the ability to change our behaviours as we gain awareness.

Sam enjoys her supervisory role, supporting supervisees to be open and willing to exam their own differences as well as to be open to hear their clients’ experience of differences and multiple identities. As a UKCP psychotherapist and relational clinical supervisor she is aware that we are all humans struggling under the same sun and sleeping under the same moon. She is a published writer, “Sons and Daughters: A View to Understanding Transgender Issues” (2017) and the Author of “The Little Self Esteem Work Book” (2021). Professional Memberships UKCP, BACP, EATA, IARTA, ITAA, BAATN, PINK THERAPY

Emma Black CTA

Continuity Tutor

MSc Transactional Analysis, Dip. TA, AGSM. Member of UKCP, BACP, IARTA. Emma combines running a private practise in Buckinghamshire with being a professional cellist. She is aware of how the privilege of being a musician gave her the opportunity to travel widely exposing her to people from all cultures and walks of life: from royal palaces to Khazak orphanages, Brixton Academy to hospices and homeless projects, she has been a witness. She ran pyschoeducational groups at Guildhall School of Music & Drama & The Exhale, an holistic online masterclass course founded during lockdown for musicians. Taking part in this institute’s ‘Supervision with an Intersectional Lens course’ has increased her interest in how privilege and trauma intersect with oppression and trauma. She recognises the impact of deep inequality and the need for spaces to encourage non-defensive dialogue. She is also interested in the edges of talking therapy and how to engage safely with embodied trauma. 

Jazz Rehal CTA

Continuity Tutor

MSc in TA psychotherapy UKCP, EATA registered Psychotherapist. Jazz is an individual and couple counsellor with a small private practise in Berkshire which she runs part time alongside her first career as a Senior Communications consultant in healthcare. She has experience as a support teacher at Metanoia, has worked at Talking Therapies and a Youth Counselling Service as well as co-facilitating a male survivors group. Jazz sees the power of Transactional Analysis and the healing nature of Group work as a significant opportunity to better understand power processes, politics and difference in relation to the self, other and between. She is particularly interested in Cultural Scripting and Trans Generational scripting and how it can barrack change. Jazz has seen a significant rise in the number of Asian individuals and couples in her private practise, many of whom are second generation and struggle with the duality of being British and Asian and the challenge of belonging to two cultures and often the painful alienation of the in-between. Jazz’s particular interest lies in anxiety and how the commonality of the word contributes to a discounting of the lived experience. Jazz sees anxiety as a form of acute isolation associated with a lack of attachment and attunement and is very interested in conducting future research in this area.

Geoff Hopping TSTA

Core Tutor

MSc in TA psychotherapy, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. UKCP, EATA registered Psychotherapist.

Geoff is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst and a registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist. After twenty years in private practice Geoff now works as a consultant psychotherapist with life sentence prisoners in a high security prison. In his current role he runs several groups, works with individual prisoners, supervises other clinicians and carries responsibility for the clinical training in a unit which has in excess of 100 staff. He is very interested in the link between trauma, attachment disorder and violent offending and the ways that risk reduction and therapeutic change can be measured across a range of cognitive, affective, interpersonal and phenomenological criteria. He is also particularly interested in the concept of the ‘demon’, sometime referred to in TA as the ‘Electrode’, and in exploring ways that this intra psychic object can be laid to rest.

Samia Nelson CTA

Continuity Tutor

CTA BA(Hons), MSc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Member of UKCP, EATA, & BAATN.
Samia is a culturally sensitive psychotherapist in private practice in North London. Her work is grounded in a philosophy of inclusiveness, through embracing difference and acknowledging the importance of belonging. Her interests lie in the dynamics of power in relationships and the impact of cultural, societal and political influences on the self. She is drawn to the healing nature of groups and with a history of working with individuals and families affected by autism, she runs a parents group for parents/carers of children with disabilities and additional needs. She is active in diversity and inclusion spaces and has experience of holding process groups for BAME trainees and oppressed and marginalised groups. Samia is curious at how psychotherapy is developing to meet the needs of the changing world and is interested in challenging the structures within traditional counselling and psychotherapy to make therapy accessible and inclusive for all. She is committed to a vision of a pluralistic approach to psychotherapy.

Micheal Meleady CTA

I have worked in a number of clinical settings including the NHS, as well as for various charitable organisations which has widened my personal & clinical knowledge of working with more marginalised groups in society whereby 'difference' has hindered the life experience of individuals, and has led to a range of trauma & personal crisis.

In light of my clinical experience, I aim to foster an environment whereby 'all' are included regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, class, age, and disability, and I apply an intersectional lens to my work, always being mindful of the social, cultural, and political conditions on lived experience. I have experience working with, but not limited to, a range of mental health conditions and diagnosis, themes around difference, identity, & diversity, substance & alcohol use (including chemsex engagement), LGBT+ themes, domestic violence, eating disorders, relationship issues, childhood trauma, issues relating to sex & libido, as well as themes that may arise at various existential stages of life.

I see myself as a reflective practitioner, and I endeavour to engage in continuous professional development to support my own personal and professional growth.

Nada Khader CTA

Continuity Tutor

MSc in TA psychotherapy, UKCP, EATA and BACP registered Psychotherapist.

Clinical assessor in mental health.

Nada is psychotherapist in private practice preparing to become a PTSTA trainer. She works both in NHS and private settings. Nada is very interested in attachment theory and group work, having facilitated psycho-educational groups. Nada is Interested in spirituality, culture and diversity; and how these impact on the self and relationship with the world and others. Nada is from a rich political and cultural background, she believes this shapes a lot of our interactions with self and others. Nada speaks two languages Arabic and English.



Helen Davies PTSTA

Primary Tutor 

PTSTA MSc TA Psychotherapy, UKCP, UKATA, EATA registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor.

Helen has enjoyed teaching TA at various institutes since 2008, and is currently a core tutor at Peter Symonds College in Hampshire. She is a psychotherapist, and supervisor in West Sussex where she works in private practice with adults and couples. Whilst training Helen undertook her placement in The Primary Care Trust where she developed her enduring interest in physical, psychosocial, gender and political contexts and their link to wellbeing. With a Diploma in Theatre Studies, Helen is interested in creativity and its’ use in the learning process. Helen has been an active member of UKATAs Ethics and Professional Practice Committee for a number of years. Prior to training as a psychotherapist Helen worked in brand strategy and marketing where she spent time researching organisational culture and human behaviour.

Will Daniel - Braham PTSTA


Primary Tutor

MSc Clinical Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy - Middlesex University Diploma Clinical Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy - Metanoia Institute Foundation Course in Group Psychotherapy - Goldsmiths University Certificate in Counselling Skills. Diploma in Relational Supervision.

Professional Profile.

I have over 20 years counselling and psychotherapy experience helping people who are dealing with a wide range of issues, including confidence, depression, bereavement, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship problems, marital breakdown, sexual problems, addictions, alcoholism, eating disorders, problems arising from childhood experiences, abuse, bullying, feelings of emptiness, loneliness, living with HIV, workplace issues and much more. My clients have ranged from children working through divorce issues to CEO's of large organisations with feelings of inadequacy. I have worked in a variety of settings; in private practise, prisons and mental health organisations through to home visits and residential retreats. 


Deborah Blagden PTSTA

Primary Tutor

I am a UKCP registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer as well as a BACP registered member. I hold a MSc in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and am a Certified Transactional Analyst. Over the last two decades I have also trained as an EMDR practitioner, Developmental Couple Therapist and completed a Diploma in Clinical Supervision. I am endorsed by the European Association of Transactional Analysts as a (provisional) Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. My model of psychotherapy is relationally based, focussing on what takes place ‘between’ self and other, whilst also accounting for the impact of culture. I am particularly interested in integrating relational psychoanalytical approaches within Transactional Analysis and currently run a MSc programme in Integrative Psychotherapy. I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings, including the NHS and for the last 31 years in a Forensic setting facilitating therapeutic groups. I have a particular interest in group work and the relational dynamics they present. I manage a private psychotherapy practice in Derbyshire working with individuals and couples and run a long-term private psychotherapy group. My interest in the growth and development of Counsellors and Psychotherapists spans over two decades and the sharing and development of knowledge and practice are areas I feel passionate about.

Jonathan Lake STA

Primary Tutor

Jonathan also teaches at other institutes and corporations, the latter focusing on workplace stress, trauma and disaster recovery.   Jonathan works as facebook’s onsite psychotherapist and supervises at Freedom From Torture. Jonathan has worked as an onsite critical incident responder for fifteen years, working on national and international terrorist attacks, as well as traumatic events in London.  In his private practice in East and North-West London, he is particularly interested in couples work, bereavement and developmental trauma

Asia Chrzastowska CTA


Continuity Tutor

I am a qualified and BACP registered counsellor and Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist. My journey began in Poland where I was raised and where I completed my formal education. Over a decade ago, lead by the desire to experience life in a new culture and challenge myself in an unfamiliar context, I relocated to the UK. Although, officially I am Joanna, to most people I am known by my polish nickname - Asia. My heart lies in facilitating personal growth in self and others. I help individuals and groups in reaching and manifesting their innate potential, through counselling and psychotherapy, as well as training and coaching. I work with anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery, gain greater connection with self and others, and improve and enrich their relationships. I believe we are all deeply interdependent people, and I am committed to promoting the importance of relationships and sense of inclusivity and connection.

Professional Memberships: BACP, UKATA, EATA


Core trainers and facilitators are UKCP registered psychotherapists and are Certified Transactional Analyst's, who are also Certified to teach TA (PTSTA and TSTA status) by the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

Adena Franses BA RMN CTA (P) EAP & EATA Registered

Adena is a Certified Transactional Analysis psychotherapist, a clinical supervisor and qualified mental health nurse with over 27 years clinical experience in private practice, within the public health sector (NHS) and primary care service, where she specialised in working with clients with issues of self harm, eating disorders and the effects of childhood sexual abuse. In 2001, she moved from the UK to Granada Spain, where she built up a psychotherapy and supervision practice working with individuals, couples and groups. Adena is particularly interested in Social Dreaming and working with the collective unconscious in groups. Above all, Adena believes that lasting and profound change, in any area of our lives, can be achieved in relationship, through mutuality, respect, and the acknowledgment of the intersubjective experience. This is at the heart of all her work.

Ayse Banbridge PTSTA

Community Projects and Supervisor

Complaints Officer.

Bsc. (Hons), MSc Transactional Analysis, Certified Transactional Analyst, Diploma in Clinical Supervision, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.

I have been in practise for over 11 years, seeing individuals, groups and couples. My clients represent the rich culture and diversity of London and present with a variety of themes, as well as disorders of the self.

I have worked in the voluntary and private sector and have been teaching at a counselling school as a core tutor since 2010. I also supervise trainee and qualified therapists from a range of modalities.

I am passionate about teaching the art as well the theory of counselling and psychotherapy. Working with the relationship between self and the other and self in the world is at the core of my practice. Working with and developing my understanding of diversity and difference, inclusivity and access to counselling and psychotherapy is a key focus that runs through my teaching and clinical practice and I have worked with minority groups to widen access.

Professional Memberships UKCP, BACP, EATA, IARTA, ITAA,

Rachel Hopping UKCP

Visiting Tutor

Dr Rachel Hopping is a Counselling Psychologist and a UKCP registered Psychotherapist who has specialised in the field of working with people presenting withPersonality Disorder. During her training she joined the clinical team in an NHS Personality Disorder treatment programme and remained there for over 10 years. The programme delivered an intensive, long-term combined group and individual therapy developed using Mentalisation and Therapeutic Community principles. Rachel went on to develop the research unit for the service, encouraging an examination of the treatment model upon a range of clinical outcomes for clients diagnosed with personality disorder. Rachel utilises an Integrative Relational model of psychotherapy, which centralises early relational experience upon the development of the self and later pathology. She incorporates these perspectives into both her practice and teaching, placing the quality of relating between therapist and client as the primary factor for growth and change.

Leah Davidson BACP

Visiting Tutor

Leah is a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer. She is a Clinical Associate at Pink Therapy and a Senior Accredited Sexual Diversity Therapist. She was co-tutor on the Pink Therapy Post -Graduate Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy, and Course Director and co-tutor for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy with Gender, Sexuality and Lifestyle Diverse clients. In her psychotherapy practice she has worked with gender and sexual diverse clients, individually and in relationships, for 30 years. She believes that there are different forms to relationships, and her client base reflects this. She established and co-ordinates an international, multi-language counselling project supporting volunteers working with refugees. Leah loves all things queer: envisioning a world without boxes or boundaries.

Karen Minikin TSTA

Visiting Tutor

BA (Hons) Counselling, MSc Psychotherapy, Dip. Supervision, (Psychodynamic), UKCP reg. Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst Karen Minikin (she/her) has a clinical and supervision practice in Wellington, West Somerset. She teaches TA psychotherapy at the Iron Mill, as well as visiting other TA teaching venues. She has served for council and a range of committees with her national organisation and is current a co-editor for the Transactional Analysis Journal, as well as associate editor for Psychotherapy and Politics International. She specialises in radical and relational approaches in psychotherapy and supervision.

Farah Cottier PTSTA

Visiting Tutor

Farah is a highly experienced UKCP and BACP Senior Accredited Relational Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor (PTSTA). She has over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist. Originally trained at Metanoia Institute in Transactional Analysis, her current way of working combines a Relational TA approach with contemporary psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories. She holds the belief that healing occurs within the relationship. She is a Primary Tutor and Trainer teaching on Diploma, MSc TA and MA Integrative courses across 2 UK training organisations most notably Metanoia Institute and The Minster Centre. Farah has an avid interest in intersectionality which addresses multiple areas of diversity whilst considering areas of power, privilege, marginalisation and oppression. As a Relational Supervisor and a supervisor of colour, Farah holds the belief that providing supervision through an Intersectional lens is essential as this enables supervisees to explore consider their own position of intersectionality and that of their clients. Farah is of dual heritage, grew up in multicultural London and is the child of immigrants parents. Farah has recently worked as a supervisor with the BBC delivering a highly successful Diversity and Race programme.