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Our Community Festival. 15 July 2018

TA East hosted a stand at Our Community Festival on Barley lane near Ilford. Had a great day talking about our training in Counselling and Psychotherapy. We also appreciated being a part of the Redbridge community, reflecting on how we can be involved in the wider wellbeing of the community. 

Wanstead Directory Article - Analyse this comes to Wanstead

TA East had an article published in Wanstead's popular local magazine, introducing Transactional Analysis and the launch of TA East. 

Wanstead Art Trail September 9-23 2018

TA East participated in this years art trail, exploring the theme of the human condition through the lens of Transactional Analysis. 

The Introjects

TA East invited a dialogue around the human condition, the introjects, the  feminist, the sabateur, the demon. 

Wanstead Festival 16 September 2018

TA East hosted an information stand at Wanstead Festival. We spent the day talking about the inspirational journey of training to be a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

TA Taster Session 27 September 2018

A panel of experienced psychotherapists presented and discussed the themes, what is Transactional Analysis, how does it inform the therapeutic relationship and what does it mean to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist. The evening was very well attended and the room was buzzing with interest. 

World Act of Kindness Day

Spreading kindness through E11 on World act of kindness day.  TA East co-facilitated act of kindness day in Wanstead on Thursday November 13th. We invited the community to make act of kindness pledges to each other, by writing them on labels and hanging them on a tree in Wanstead park.The tree has been growing ever since. 

Live Information Stalls in Redbridge Libraries

TA East hosted a series of live information stalls in Redbridge Libraries across the borough - People from the East London community came to talk to us about the inspirational journey of becoming a Counsellor or Psychotherapist. TA East appreciated the opportunity to be in the heart of the communty, building a training from the communty.

What is Transactional Analysis?

TA East facilitated a second panel discussion, students from TA East attended and shared their motivation and inspired journey on the foundation year. The room was buzzing with energy and passion for the practise of transactional analysis, and our vision to take TA into the wide community...

Listening Posts

In the summer months TA East offered listening areas in library foyers throughout Redbridge London borough. The aim being for individuals in the community, to come along and be listened to and heard for 30 minutes. This was not counselling or psychotherapy, rather an opportunity to experience talking and being listened to.

We need to talk – listening Posts in Redbridge libraries

Listening is about being present, not just about being quiet. Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise 2016

We all need to talk, be listened to and be in contact with each other, in order to thrive in the world. 

Wanstead Art Trail September 2019

TA East participated in Wansteads 10th art trail this year, musing the theme of ’Time’. Time goes refling on time and being.

Time Goes

On reflecting on time…. Time takes many forms and has been written about endlessly by poets, philosophers, scientists, psychoanalysts, existentialists and religious people. Einstein stated ‘The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.’ Physical time is more fundamental than psychological time for helping us understand our shared experiences in the world, but psychological time is vitally important for understanding many mental experiences, as is biological time for understanding biological phenomena. We have clocks inside us. There are regular heart beats, repeated breathing, sleeping and waking, and so forth. We have repetitive, predictable, cyclic processes within our body, but these clocks are of course not as accurate for tracking physical time as an external clock such as a pendulum. We "feel time passing" by noticing changes. A main reason why we believe time exists is that we notice, for example, a leaf falling from a tree and changing its location. Change indicates the presence of time. If we close our eyes, we still can encounter time just by imagining a leaf falling. What these encounters with time have in common is that we are having more experiences and accumulating more memories of those experiences. Psychological time's rate of passage is a fascinating phenomenon to study. At the end of viewing an engrossing television program, we often think, “Where did the time go? It sped by.” When we are hungry in the afternoon and have to wait until the end of the work day before we can go to dinner, we think, “Why is everything taking so long?” ( IEP 1985) The Canvas – Time Goes Will speak to each of us in different ways, depending on our subjective experience, culture, social context and frame of reference. The intention of the piece is to stir something in the viewer. Time goes, some will say time, on our mobiles, takes away time, is futile time, is meaningless time, isolated time.... Others will argue a time to connect, time to belong, time to relax, productive time, time alone… We could argue that mobile phones have bought more connectedness through social media etc and at the same time moved us away from ‘being in the moment’ connecting and being truly in relationship with each other. Experiencing the other, in relationship with their mobile, ‘in front of their face’, as depicted in the canvas, certainly must have an impact on how we relate to each-other in the world.

Wanstead Festival 2019

At TA East we challenge ourselves to think outside the box, to invite members of the community to train as psychotherapists, who would not usually see themselves in the profession. We go to the community. 

At the festival we met the Redbridge mayor who was very interested in our community events. 

Redbridge Forum Partnership 

Since the summer we have been facilitating caring for carers TA psycho education and support groups, offering ongoing blocks of 6 weeks of group sessions. We have received positive feedback and group members have reported the group having an impact.